• 08:00-10:00
    ISCVID Council
    Room 14
    ICE Investigators meeting
    Aula Magna
    Pack Lunch
    Cloister and first floor hall
    Welcome Address
    Dr. JM Campistol, Director Hospital Clinic of Barcelona
    Dr. A. Trilla, Dean Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona
    Dr. E. Quintana, Vicepresident of ISCVD Symposium
    Dr. JM Miro, ISCVID President
    Session I: Evolving epidemiology of infective endocarditis
    Moderators: M. Martínez-Selles (Spain) and P. Moreillon (Switzerland)
    14:00-14:20 IE trends and injection drug use. L.M. Baddour (USA)
    14:20-14:40 TAVI endocarditis: A new and growing clinical entity with surgical challenges. A. Regueiro (Spain)
    14:40-15:00 The hidden face of IE: clinical characteristics and prognosis of IE in community centers. O. Gasch (Spain)
    15:00-15:30 Discussion
    15:30-15-45 Oral presentation-1 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    15:45-16:00 Oral presentation-2 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    Coffee & Poster visit
    Hall third floor
    Session II: Experimental and clinical pathogenesis
    Moderators: C. Garcia-de-la-Maria (Spain) and D. Durack (USA)
    16:30-16:50 Impact of antibiotic treatment on the size of the vegetations in the animal model. A. Dahl (Denmark)
    16:50-17:10 Novel phage lysins for treating staphylococcal endocardits: from bench to bedside. A. Bayer (USA)
    17:10-17:30 Colonic neoplasms and S. gallolyticus and E. faecalis endocarditis. J.M. Pericas (Spain)
    17:30-18:00 Discussion
    18:00-18-15 Oral presentation-3 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    18:15-18:30 Oral presentation-4 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    Meet-to-party with a glass of wine/cava
    Cloister and first floor hall
    Dinner for Speakers, chairs and ISCVID council members
  • 08:30-10:30
    Session III: Prevention of cardiovascular infections
    Moderators: J.M. Tolosana (Spain) and J.T.M. van der Meer (Netherlands)
    08:30-08:50 When will we have a clinical trial to clarify our doubts? B. Hoen (France)
    08:50-09:10 Preventing infective endocarditis: How much does oral hygiene matter? P. Lockhart (USA)
    09:10-09:30 Where are we now with antibiotic prevention of infective endocarditis? M.H. Thornhill (UK)
    09:30-09:50 Is antimicrobial prophylaxis different for TAVI and CIED? Usefulness of antibacterial envelopes. A. Conen (Switzerland)
    09:50:10:15 Discussion
    10:15-10:30 Oral presentation-5 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    Coffee & Poster visit
    Hall third floor
    Session IV: Diagnosis of infective endocarditis
    Moderators: A. Perissinotti (Spain) and A.W. Karchmer (USA)
    11:00-11:20 Improving microbiological diagnosis: molecular biology and cell-free DNA. C. Petti  (USA)
    11:20-11:40 New imaging tools: MRI, PET/TC, leukocyte scintigraphy. M. Pizzi (Spain)
    11:40-12:00 What is the current role of echo?  E.L. Fosbol (Denmark)
    12:00-12:15 Discussion
    12:15-13:00 ISCVID Initiative to update the Duke criteria: Introduction, D. Durack (USA); Report on progress, V. Fowler (USA), Chair, ISCVID task force
      Feedback and suggestions from the audience moderated together with D. Durack (USA) and V. Fowler (USA)
    Pack Lunch
    Cloister and first floor hall
    Session V: How to improve the management of infective endocarditis
    Moderators: J. Vila (Spain) and C. Selton-Suty (France)
    14:00-14:20 How to develop and improve endocarditis teams?  V. Delgado (Netherlands)
    14:20-14:40 Scores predicting endocarditis in Gram-Positive bacteremia, V. le Moing (France)
    14:40-15:00 Scores, scores and more scores for cardiac surgey … Do they help us? B. Iung (France)
    15:00-15:30 Discussion
    15:30-15:45 Oral presentation-6 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    15:45-16:00 Oral presentation-7 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    Coffee & Poster visit
    Hall third floor
    Session VI: Challenging clinical cases (all lectures based on clinical cases with questions for the panel and audience)
    Moderators: M. Hernández-Meneses (Spain) and E. Durante-Mangoni (Italy)
    Discuss of the clinical cases: R. Corey (USA), C. Fortes (Brazil), E. Sandoval (Spain), J. Ambrosioni (Spain) and G. Mestres (Spain)
    16:30-16:54 Role of thrombectomy for ischemic stroke during IE. X. Urra (Spain)
    16:54-17:18 Treating MDR Gram positive IE. P. Tattevin (France)
    17:18-17:42 Management of prosthetic vascular graft infections. B. Hasse (Switzerland).
    17:42-18:06 Fungal endocarditis. M. Hannan (Ireland)
    18:06-18:30 CIED-associated IE. D.C. DeSimone (USA)
    Special ISCVID lecture: the future of staphylococcal endocarditis. From biofilm eradication to artificial intelligence
    Moderators: M. Pujol (Spain) and W. Wilson (USA)
    Speaker: V. Fowler (USA)
  • 08:00-10:00
    Session VII: Advances in surgical management
    Moderators: C. Mestres (Spain) and M. Borger (Germany)
    08:00-08:20 Optimal timing for cardicac surgery after hemorragic stroke during IE. T. Doenst (Germany)
    08:20-08:40 Challenging aspects of cardiac surgery: from valve repair to Commando procedure. E. Quintana (Spain)
    08:40-09:00 Experience with percutaneus removal of right-sided vegetations (IDU, CIED). C. T. Starck (Germany)
    09:00-09:30 Discussion
    09:30-09:45 Oral presentation-8 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    09:45-10:00 Oral presentation-9 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    Coffee & Poster visit
    Hall third floor
    Session VIII: Changing the paradigm of antimicrobial treatment
    Moderators: J.M. Miro (Spain) and V. Chu (USA)
    10:30-10:50 Treat early, treat hard! Role of new bactericidal antibiotic combinations. E. Durante-Mangoni (Italy)
    10:50-11:10 Switching to OPAT. New GAMES criteria and role of long-acting lipoglycopeptides. P. Muñoz (Spain)
    11:10-12:15 Switching to oral therapy.
    11:10-11:30 Pros: Experience from Scandinavian countries. M. Rasmussen (Sweden)
    11:30-11:50 Cons: What is being done outside the Scandinavian countries? E. Athan (Australia)
     11:50-12:15 Feedback and suggestions from the audience moderated together with A.W. Karchmer (USA) and J.T.M. van der Meer (Netherlands)
    12:15-12:30 Oral presentation-10 (10 min+5 min discussion)
    Final session IX: Best papers on cardiovascular infections (2019-22). In memoriam J. Galvez (Spain)
    Moderators: A. Moreno (Spain) and M. Hannan (Ireland)
    Speaker: G. L. Cuervo (Spain)
    Closing Ceremony and Awards
    Elias Abrutyn Award delivered by Dr A.W. Karchmer (3 min.introduction Dr. Abrutyn)
    Ethan Rubinstein Award delivered by Dr D. Durack (3 min.introduction Dr. Rubinstein)
    Dr. M. Rasmussen, President of the 2024 ISCVID Symposium, Malmö (Sweden)
    Dr. E. Quintana ISCVID Symposium Vicepresident
    Dr. JM Miro ISCVID President
    Pack Lunch & Farewell
    Cloister and first floor hall


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